So, this is long overdue, an update on my overall health.

Good: I’ve lost 30 pounds (14 kilos) since I’ve been in the Philippines.

Bad:  My psoriasis has developed into psoriatic arthritis.

The pain some days is unbearable.  Some days not so bad.  Currently I’m on methotrexate 12.5 mg / week, which seems to be starting to have some effect. I’m also on dolcet (paracetamol 325mg + tramadol 37.5mg) twice a day for pain management, and Arcoxia 90mg once a day for inflammation management.  The pain never goes away 100% but at least is bearable.

The skin is still a problem, but I’ve been using a topical steroid cream which seems to help somewhat.


Anyway, let’s see how things go in the coming months.  Hopefully it will get better with this new medication regimen.



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